When Every Day is a Zero Day, Leveraging ML and All-flash to Prevent Persistent Threats


Wesley Emeneker, Data Scientist and Software Engineer, US Air Force Research Laboratory, Maui Supercomputing Center
Kartik Subramanian, Vice President of Systems Engineering, VAST Data

As cyberattacks keep evolving and becoming more sophisticated, protecting against unknown attack signatures challenges defense organizations. Join Wesley Emeneker, the chief data scientist from Maui High Performance Computing Center at Air Force Research Laboratory, as he discusses using machine learning techniques and high performance computing to achieve fast, scalable analysis of network traffic, enabling such advanced anomaly detection techniques as local outlier factors and isolation forests. For such applications, VAST Data has cracked the code to deliver affordable Flash at petabyte and exabyte scale so that organizations can build smarter and more efficient models. Learn how VAST Data leverages new hyperscale Flash storage class memory and NVIDIA NVMe-over-Fabrics clusters to implement new algorithms that unleash affordable access to petabytes of NVMe infrastructure.

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