Next-Gen All-Flash That Takes the ‘Work’ Out Of Your Workflows.

Media production and broadcast studios are being squeezed by the performance demands of 4K, 8K and even higher-resolution video formats as well as the cost of housing their ever-growing content archives. What’s more, at a time where archived data must be quickly repurposed to satisfy new business requirements – the performance of yesterday’s archive is falling short of the pace of production needed for the age of streaming.

By combining the consistent performance of all-flash and the economics of archive storage systems, VAST Data’s Universal Storage allows media companies to break the long-standing tradeoff between capacity and performance that has complicated media workflows for decades. With VAST, studios can now consolidate their production and archive requirements into a single, easy-to-manage namespace that can scale to exabytes, provides quality of service for each aspect of the workflow – all while supporting hundreds of 4K video streams or high-scale rendering requirements. This new approach to scalable storage accelerates the ability to repurpose content and monetize archived assets through OTT networks, media compilations and the ever-popular director’s cuts.



    Edit, render and stream data from all-flash infrastructure that easily supports the throughput and latency requirements of 4K, 8K and even higher resolution assets


    VAST’s support for QLC flash, new similarity-based data reduction and 10-year longevity enable the archive economics of object storage


    Eliminate the complexity of file system agents, Fibre Channel, and more


    Consolidate into a single-scalable NAS platform that provides support for multiple applications and ensures dedicated service quality for specific high-priority applications

Breaking Decades-old Tradeoffs

The Media Storage Mess.

Today’s media and broadcast studios deploy a complex mix of storage systems, each dedicated to a small set of applications in an organization’s workflow. In part, this is because traditional storage systems can not satisfy the different dimensions that these studios need to build toward:

  • Streaming storage for high-bandwidth editorial and playout applications
  • Transactional storage for rendering/VFX workflows
  • Large, low-cost storage for media archiving and VOD origin storage

The result is a veritable archipelago of storage islands and complex data migration policies that move and transform content across the data center. This pipeline, of course, is not uni-directional… once assets go to the archive they then have to be retrieved to active storage to start the process of content repurposing all over again.

Universal Storage

A new approach to media workflows and archiving: VAST Data Universal Storage.  

VAST’s multi-protocol, exabyte-scale all-flash storage allows SMB, NFS, and S3 applications to access the same data in one tier, eliminating islands of storage and providing real-time access to all classes of content. This breakthrough storage platform enables media organizations to deploy a single system for everything from special effects rendering to feeding their internet streaming services, to archiving their most valuable media assets in a platform that delivers unmatched benefits:

  • All-Flash Infrastructure

    Get predictable latency and high throughput to all stages of the pipeline.

  • Massive Scale-Out

    Scale to thousands of editors, playout servers and render nodes all from a single, simple storage cluster — all with endless capacity.

  • A Multiprotocol Namespace

    A unified data model that provides access to the same data over protocols such as NFS, SMB and S3.

  • The Scale and Portability of NFS

    NFS volumes can be elastically scaled to petabytes while failover and volume sharing becoming easy.

  • SAN-Levels of Performance…over Ethernet

    Direct up to 10GB/s of performance to each pod with RDMA-over-NFS.

  • Archive Economics

    VAST has pioneered many innovations to democratize flash: QLC flash translation, low-overhead erasure codes and groundbreaking global data reduction.

VAST server pools enable consolidation while preserving application performance

  • dedicate storage controllers dynamically to applications
  • VAST's DASE architecture eliminates the noisy neighbor problem
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parallel file system power with the simplicity of a NAS. All at a price-point historically reserved for archive storage.