Restore and Recover at the Speed of Flash.

Today’s always-on computing environments place new demands on an organization’s use of secondary storage. Too many organizations discover that their expensive purpose-built backup appliances don’t provide the performance they need at restore time. Without flash, users can suffer from critical outages waiting for restores from legacy approaches to backup.

VAST’s Universal Storage systems combine breakthrough levels of storage efficiency with all-flash technology to make flash an affordable reality for every backup job. This combination provides not only fast backups; but also the fast restore performance that lets system operators minimize user impact at a cost that is comparable to hard-drive-based backup appliances.



    Restore and recover in minutes, not hours


    QLC flash, revolutionary data reduction, and highly efficient erasure codes bring flash to backup price points


    Use one storage system for all your backup data maximizing data reduction and minimizing complexity

Breaking Decades-old Tradeoffs

The Backup Environment today.

Organizations have traditionally viewed backup as insurance, with administrators making backups just-in-case a user needed data restored. Users engineered systems fast enough to back up their data within the allotted window, but since any restore from disk was faster than finding and loading backup tapes they typically didn’t pay much attention to restore performance. This attitude is exemplified by the design of backup appliances. Today’s purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs) are optimized for cost and secondarily backup performance. A typical PBBA can backup data 4-10 times faster than it can restore. In fact, most PBBA vendors only publish backup performance specs, leaving customers to discover their restore limitations at the worst of all possible times. While system administrators value backup performance, after all, they’re the ones that make the backups, users are demanding ever shorter restore times. Backup software vendors have responded with features like instant recovery that actually run workloads from the backup repository, further increasing the need for faster storage for the backup repository.

A New Type of Storage Architecture

All-flash-restores with archive economics.

VAST Data’s Universal Storage is architected entirely from next-generation NVMe media that provides the foundation to implement new data reduction algorithms that deliver advanced levels of data reduction, well beyond traditional deduplication, while also servicing restores in real-time. Implemented on scale-out NVMe flash cluster architecture, VAST’s Similarity-Based Data Reduction to bring the effective cost of flash in line with HDD-based systems while delivering, NFS and S3 performance levels previously only found in Tier-1 flash storage systems.

  • Flash At The Cost Of HDDs

    VAST’s combination of global data reduction and QLC flash deliver dramatically better efficiency than any other backup appliance.

  • Accelerate Backups At Any Scale

    Complete backups of ever-growing datasets in ever-shrinking backup windows.

  • Up To 10X Faster Restores

    With all-flash, restore much faster than from disk-based backup systems.

  • Dev/Test At Scale

    Run dev-test workloads from the backup repository with all-flash performance.

  • Glean Insight From Backup

    Gather insight via data classification and e-discovery without restoring to primary storage.

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